Welcome to my Site!

I'm Samuel a Undergraduate in MEng Computer Science and work in Defence.

I like taking pictures, cycling and running. Below you will also find some photography services I offer.

Photography Services

Specialist photography and film scanning services. These include the following:

360 Interactive Images | £120

Allow customers to explore your venue or Business in full 360 degrees, high quality equirectangular Photos that you can display on the web.

Business or Property Photography | £30ph

Show off your premises or venue with traditional images, edited and delivered in indsutry leading detail.

35mm Negatives and Slide Scanning | £15 (24 Exp)

High resolution scans at 4223 x 2786, with profesional equipment and retouching to fix dust & scratches.

A Selection of Photos...

Here's a few photos I have taken, they are pulled from my flickr page and randomly ordered.

@ https://flickr.samg.info